After countless speculations about Jiren the Gray, "Dragon Ball Super" finally revealed details about his past. This sheds light on the identity of the strongest fighter and the source of his power and strength. Interestingly, his backstory raised more questions than answers that further intrigued the fandom. Currently, fans have their own theories about Jiren's master. Others are also speculating about the identity of the person being responsible for his loneliness as a child.

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This also became the benchmark of the theory that Jiren the Gray and Son Goku will work together as a team in the future to fight this powerful being.

Future arc

The Tournament of Power is a part of the Universe Survival Arc of "Dragon Ball Super." Recently, it was confirmed that the arc would only last until Episode 131 or 132.

Allegedly, the anime will have a hiatus so Toei could use its animators for a new Dragon Ball movie that is scheduled to be available in December of 2018. Many fans believe that the next arc succeeding the Universe Survival would most probably be a team up between Jiren and Son Goku. This belief stemmed from the latest episode [VIDEO] of the anime that revealed the origin of the strongest Pride Trooper. It was revealed that the “Evil-Doer” destroyed Jiren’s village and was the reason for the fighter’s infinite quest for strength and power. Since this “Evil-Doer” appears to be more powerful than some gods of destruction, it is obvious that Son Goku would be so interested in fighting against him.

Other hints

It is highly likely that the team behind the popular anime series could make Jiren and Son Goku work together to beat this extremely powerful “Evil-Doer.” The series has its own list of antagonists turned friends.

This includes Piccolo, Vegeta, androids 17 and 18, and even Majin Buu. It would be very interesting to see the overpowered Pride Trooper and the fan-favorite Saiyan work hand in hand fighting a common opponent.

Meanwhile, Episode 128 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on February 18. It is titled, “Noble Pride to the End, Vegeta Falls.” Many fans believe that aside from being eliminated in the upcoming episode [VIDEO], the Prince of All Saiyans might be killed. Spoilers reveal that Vegeta is near his physical limits and has almost zero energy. Despite this, he will bravely face the fierce onslaught of Jiren the Gray to protect Universe 7 and to preserve his Saiyan pride. There are only three minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power ends and fans are excited to see who will be the ultimate survivor.