Dragon Ball Super” has surprised fans in more ways than they can imagine. This includes the recruitment of the supervillain from hell that Universe 7 members hate—Frieza. Since the start of the Tournament of Power, the destroyer and conqueror of many planets in Universe 7 has shown kindness to Son Goku. He was the reason for the annihilation of Universe 6’s fighter Frost. He gave the fan-favorite Saiyan some of his energy after brutally beaten by Jiren the Gray. However, fans are still not comfortable with the supervillain’s kindness.

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Many believe that Frieza is hatching some devious plans so he could be the last fighter to survive the tournament in the arena of the World of the Void.

Plotting game continues

In the past episodes of “Dragon Ball Super,” Frieza has made several cameo exposures.

Since he was brutally beaten by Toppo of Universe 11, his airtime in the anime has been very limited. In Episode 127, he surprisingly attacked Jiren the Gray and even transformed into his golden form to beat the strongest Pride Trooper. However, his efforts were all in vain since even in his ultimate form [VIDEO], he is no match compared to Jiren. Now that Episode 129 will feature Son Goku perfecting the Ultra-Instinct Omen to defeat Jiren, fans are anxious about what Frieza could be doing or plotting.

It is worth noting that in Episode 111, he gave Son Goku his energy not only to repay the Saiyan for what he did in Planet Namek but also to slowly lay down his plan. Fans are aware that the supervillain from hell wanted to be revived permanently and this is only possible if he can wish it to the super dragon balls.

Son Goku also promised him this and said that this will only happen if Universe 7 wins in the tournament. Although this was not directly revealed in the anime, Frieza wants Son Goku to defeat Jiren the Gray. He knows that while he is strong, he is no match for the overpowered fighter.

Other details

Many fans are currently speculating that the supervillain’s less exposure in the most recent episodes is because he is waiting for the fan-favorite Saiyan to beat Jiren the Gray. He is also trying to rest and regain his lost energy. The most popular claim right now believes that after Son Goku defeated Jiren the Gray, Frieza will launch a surprise attack and kick the Saiyan put of the arena. Most likely, Son Goku by this time has already let his senses down [VIDEO] and is in a very vulnerable position. With only three episodes remaining until the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” ends, fans are excited to know what will happen to Frieza, who will win in the tournament, and what will be the wish of the tournament’s ultimate winner.