The previous episode of "Dragon Ball Super" was very sad since both Saiyans who remained standing until then suffered a severe beating from Jiren, which caused the discontent of some fans, however, Vegeta’s action was just epic, despite not having any chance against his contender he had a more than acceptable participation.

Vegeta gives it all

As we mentioned before, the Saiyan Prince didn’t have a chance against the alien from universe 11, but his pride as a warrior made him stand up again and again, the most remarkable thing about him was that at the exact moment he was falling off the platform, he decided to gave the last energy he had to his partner Son Goku, because of this the Saiyan born on earth managed to recover in order to face Jiren, obtaining a similar result to Vegeta’s in the first instance.


Goku was humiliated too

Jiren has shown that his power is unparalleled, so far all the efforts made by the team from universe 7 have had no effect because the energy is just not enough, but, this is no impediment to Son Goku striving with all he has to defeat him. All Saiyan’s friend trust that he will master the Migatte no Gokui, because it's the only alternative they have left to be able to win the Tournament of Power.

Goku reaches a new power

As you could see in the previous episode, Kakarotto managed to attain the ultra instinct, but in this occasion, something seems to be different, Goku could exceed the level even more than in previous times he attained the Migatte no gokui.

This has been demonstrated by the images of the preview of episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" and some spoilers in some Japanese magazines, where we can see the Saiyan with the silver hair, totally different to what we all knew of Goku’s new stage.

Why does Goku change the color of his hair?

Some fans say that the key of being able to master the Ultra Instinct at 100% it's exactly that, the color of the hair, which makes a lot of sense with the shade of hair of the protective angels since they have a similar color to the Ultra Instinct, for this reason, it wouldn't be so crazy to think that a clear shade of hair in Goku is an indicator that is showing us that the Saiyan mastered the Migatte no Gokui entirely, either in attack and defense at the same time.


So far this was the last news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating as soon as possible.

Then we leave a preview of episode 129 that will be released on March 4 and will show us the decisive battle between Son Goku and Jiren.