The Tournament of Power in the Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” is nearing its finale. After Episode 127, only three minutes are remaining until the hotly contested tournament culminates. Since the start of the tournament, the fandom is buzzing with countless speculation and theories about the result of the competition. Aside from that, several fans are also speculating about powerful forms and ascension to higher power levels by major characters. One of the more heavily speculated forms is that of the well-loved and most popular character—Son Goku.

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It appears the long wait is finally over as new leaked images appear to reveal the ultimate form of Son Goku, created by the legendary man behind the series, Akira Toriyama.

Leaked Image

Earlier this week, several “Dragon Ball Super” fans shared an image on Twitter of Son Goku in complete Ultra-Instinct form.

However, a few hours ago, popular content creator Yonkou Productions uploaded a new image on Twitter [VIDEO]. The image shows the fan-favorite Saiyan from Universe 7 in his complete or perfected Ultra-Instinct form. Unlike the previous image, this one shows Son Goku with a head full of silver spiky hair that reflects the color of his eyes. He is shirtless just like before, but this time his pants are ripped. The battle marks on his upper body are still very much visible.

It appears that the team behind the popular anime series has finally decided to give fans a sneak peek at the ultimate fight that will happen in the finale of the Tournament of Power. So far, Universe 11’s strongest fighter, Jiren the Gray has been unstoppable. In the previous episodes, his unbelievable power withstood several battles from different fighters and even killed Android 17. With Son Goku’s perfected Ultra-Instinct, it looks like the unstoppable Pride Trooper may finally meet his match.

Perfected form

During the one-hour special of the popular anime series, Son Goku unleashed the Ultra-Instinct. However, Universe 7’s angel of destruction Whis, pointed out that the form is not yet mastered by the fan-favorite Saiyan. Because of his powerful form, Son Goku was able to close the gap [VIDEO] between himself and Jiren the Gray. Interestingly, he has unleashed the defensive part of the form and not the offensive part. Perfecting the form will help the fan-favorite Saiyan execute both the offensive and defensive part of the godly technique. With only a few minutes remaining until the end of the tournament, fans are hoping that the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” will be explosive.