"Dragon Ball Super" is getting intense. The shows last episode ended on a cliffhanger. Viewers got to see Vegeta’s defeat in the Tournament of Power. However, before he exits the show entirely, he decided to transfer his remaining power to Goku. Little did he know, he will help Goku at attaining Mastered Ultra Instinct form in the next chapter. Fans got to see the characters enter the final stage of Tournament of Power in Episode 122 ("For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!").

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Finally, after a number of eliminations, fans will witness a battle they were waiting for.

Recently, the first footage of Jiren with his full power surfaced online.

One can see the Universe 11's warrior is taking on fully-mastered Ultra Instinct Goku [VIDEO]. According to ComicBook, "It's truly like nothing we've ever seen before, and it could therefore be argued that the "unprecedented showdown." It is worth mentioning that Chapter 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown,” while 131 is named “Goodbye, Goku [VIDEO]... Until the Day We Meet Again.” Fans can easily understand a lot by the name of the episode.

An ultimate battle

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 129 is named “Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!.” The Universe 7's warrior will be more powerful than ever. According to ComicBook, the synopsis says "Seeing Goku's rising battle power, Jiren cracks a smile! As if to return the favor, he punches at Goku with full power that he had been hiding! Has the winner been decided?!" The fighter’s offense has improved significantly, and the description states that he has become much swifter.

Goku will be his most reliable self in the history of the show. It is highly possible that Goku entering the Mastered Ultra Instinct form is what he needed to defeat the mighty Jiren.

More regarding the show

Goku will become more powerful than ever before in this episode. Despite Goku being charged with double the power, Jiren manages to hurt him. Looking at this, Goku attempts to master Ultra Instinct and is successful at it. Things enter an exciting phase as Goku is now much stronger and faster. It is not possible for him to join the Mastered Ultra Instinct state. It indeed goes without saying that his attacks in his present form do cause damage. Notably, the Tournament of Power has only two minutes left. There are still a lot of rumors and spoilers regarding the show, but stay tuned for more "Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.