"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting with each passing minute. The Tournament of Power has only two minutes remaining as Goku and Jiren are all set to go all out against each other. The show has only three episodes are remaining 129, 130 and 131. The makers have already confirmed that the anime TV series will end on March 25.

'DBS' is running since mid-2015. It is the first "Dragon Ball" television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years.

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There are rumors and spoilers are hovering on social media regarding the upcoming episodes of the show. Fans have already witnessed a number of surprises recently in the anime with the elimination of Vegeta and Toppo.

However, the spoilers suggest that the biggest shockers are yet to come.

Episode 129 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

This is the upcoming episode of the anime show, which will release this weekend on March 4. It is titled as “Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!” The name of the chapter clearly indicates that it will be Goku centric. Goku has not achieved the fully-powered Ultra Instinct yet, spoilers have confirmed that he will be in his fully-mastered Ultra Instinct form against Jiren in the upcoming chapter. The preview of the episode also suggests the same.

It is worth noting that Jiren has already defeated Goku in the last year's episode. The biggest question now is what will universe 7's fighter be able to defeat the most powerful warrior in the tournament, Jiren [VIDEO] in his full power.

The recently surfaced picture of Goku from Episode 129 shows "Goku’s Gi is torn from the waist up, leaving his blue undershirt exposed. He seems to be hovering in midair while charging an energy blast, but there is little chance the attack will have an effect on Jiren," reports ComicBook. Fans will surely see an intense fight in this part of the show.

The resurrection of a Universe?

The tournament is not only important to Universe 7 and Universe 11 but also for other universes. Recently, the spoilers of Episode 130 surfaced online with some shocking revelations. According to Okatukart, spoilers say, Jiren will be defeated by Goku and now its time to use Super Dragon Balls. He lets Vegeta use this wish and bring back Universe 6. It is worth mentioning that Vegeta has promised Cabba [VIDEO] to bring them back to life in case Universe 7 wins. A lot will be at stake in the last episode of the show.

Chapter 131 is named “Goku, Until The Day We Meet Again.” Stay tuned for more updates.