"Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" is all set to end soon. According to the new schedule by the show-runners, the anime series will end on March 25. Recently, DBS writer Toshio posted a message for the show's fans with the caption "I can't thank you enough. I am full of gratitude. DBS fans are the best. I won't forget everyone. Goodbye. Until we meet again!" Notably, universe Survival arc has been running since mid-2015. Currently, there are three Episodes are left to release in the show, while the Tournament of Power has two minutes remaining and soon fans will know who will win it.

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The two major contenders to win the tournament are Jiren and Goku and notably, Frieza is also remaining in it.

Who will be the winner?

Tournament of Power's winner might be revealed accidentally.

The voice actors of the anime show recently posted a picture on the internet after the recording of episode 131. It shows voice actors of Cabba and Vados among other members. Cabba was a surprise in the photo. According to Omnitos, the voice actors which are needed are the ones who go to recording and the involvement of Cabba and Vados in Episode 131's recording hints towards the revival of Universe 6.

We understand that If Son Goku wins the Tournament of Power, the warrior is likely to wish for the resurrection of Universe 6. Notably, Vegeta had also promised Cabba they would revive Universe 6. Fans might also witness Cabba in this episode. Readers are advised that the info is based on our understanding and rumors and to know the winner we have to wait until the concerned episode airs.

Episode 129 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Chapter 129 of the anime show [VIDEO] is scheduled to release this weekend.

It is named as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!." The preview of the same Episode of "Dragon Ball Super" shows the same. Son Goku will master his Ultra Instinct form in this part of the show against Jiren. The spoilers suggest the Universe 7 warrior will be more powerful than ever. The chapter's synopsis reads "At last, only Goku and Jiren remain in the arena. Goku is stuck in a tough fight against Jiren's overwhelming attacks. But just then, Goku's pupils start shining silver,” reports ComicBook. Fans are calling this form a Super Saiyan white.

Talking about Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super," The official title of the chapter is not confirmed. The Episode might feature the ending of Frieza's journey in the Tournament. We will keep you updated once we receive more information regarding the show.