"Dragon Ball Super" is about to get end officially. The makers have already confirmed the anime show will end on March 25. The TV series was started in 2015 and gained a lot of praise from the fans as well as from the critics. The series will always be memorable due to its strongest storyline.

"Dragon Ball" Franchisee is entirely successful in conveying perfect animation series. There are total three episodes left in the show with Tournament of Power having two minutes left. Goku, Jiren, and Frieza are in the line to win the tournament.

Chapter 129

Before moving to the spoilers of episode 130, let's see what will happen in chapter 129. This chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!" The preview of the chapter is already out.


Judging the episode one can easily say that it will be Goku centric. The Universe 7's warrior will bein his fully-powered Ultra Instinct form against Jiren. The Universe 11 fighter was seen smiling in an image of Episode 129.

Jiren is said to be happy because he believes he has found someone who is a match to his immense power. According to ComicBook, the spoilers of the episode says, "The Tournament of Power turns into a 1-on-1 fight between Goku and Jiren! The cornered Goku unconsciously unleashes his dormant power, rapidly increasing his battle power! He draws near to the ultimate fighting form, Ultra Instinct!."

Frieza's future

Episode 130 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled “An Unprecedented Super Showdown.” Frieza is perhaps the biggest surprise in the tournament.


The warrior is remaining in the line to win an ultimate prize. Meanwhile, if spoilers and rumors of Episode 130 are to be believed, his incredible journey is about to end.

The warrior might get eliminated in this part of the show by Jiren as he will try to help Goku. Not much is known yet. It is worth noting that Frieza is not an original member of Universe 7. He has joined the U7 on the request of Goku and in favor if Universe 7 wins the tournament they will use "Dragon Balls" to resurrect him.

Episode 131 is named “Goodbye, Goku... Until the Day We Meet Again.” It is worth mentioning that makers have decided to release new "Dragon Ball" movie in December this year. The film will be based on Origins of Saiyans.


Akira Toriyama is working on the script and the characters of the upcoming movie. Fans can expect the release of its trailer and official name by the mid-2018.