"Dragon Ball Super" is scheduled to end on March 25. With each passing episode, the show is getting more interested. Notably, the Tournament of Power has only three minutes remaining.

Talking about the spoilers of Episode 130 and 131, fans might witness some new twists and turns including the destruction of Universe 6. Currently, the tournament has only four warriors are remaining as Universe 7 and Universe 11 are going all out against each other.

It is worth noting that in the previous episode 127, Android 17 got eliminated, whereas in chapter 126 of the show feature the shocking elimination of Toppo in the hands of Vegeta. If reports are further to be believed, Vegeta will bid his final goodbye in the upcoming episode.


Chapter 130 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Episode 130 is scheduled to release on March 18. Though there is a lot of time left in the release of this episode the spoilers and synopsis of the same episode are hovering on social media.

The chapter will mark the beginning of the final battle of the "Dragon Ball Super." The battle is expected to happen between Goku and Jiren. Notably, Frieza will somehow manage to take himself this far in the tournament.

Fans might witness Frieza helping Goku by transferring some part of his energy to the Saiyan. Meanwhile, few spoilers indicate that Frieza's journey will come to its end in this part of the show. The preview and the title of the episode might come after the release of chapter 129.


Chapter 131

Episode 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air on March 25 and as mentioned earlier, it will mark the ending of the show. There are the theories regarding the episode suggest that Universe 6 might be resurrected in this chapter with the return of Cabba.

Zenos might also be seen in the chapter announcing the end of the tournament officially. Finally, fans will see the winner of the tournament in the episode. It is worth mentioning that Universe Survival arc was started in mid-2015.

There is nothing else is known regarding these episodes. We will keep you updated once we will have further information and the official titles of the said episodes.

Notably, the Toei is coming with new "Dragon Ball" movie in December this year.


It will focus the origins of Saiyans, and the writer of the film is Akira Toriyama, who has also worked on the characters of this film. The trailer is expected to come out by the mid-2018. After the ending of 'DBS,' the movie will be an absolute treat for the fans.