"Dragon Ball Super" is getting interesting with each passing episode yet again. The show is expected to end on March 25 according to the new schedule recently release by the show-runners. The Tournament of Power has only three minutes remaining, while there are total four episodes left in the Universe Survival arc. The spoilers and synopsis of Episode 130 and 131 are hovering on social media with some shocking revelation. Fans can expect few new twists and turns in the final four episodes of the anime show.

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It is worth noting that the Chapter 128 will release this weekend.

Episode 130

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 130 will air on March 18. One of the most anticipated episodes of the show will a warrior play a huge role in deciding the fate of tournament.

Fans will witness Goku and Jiren battling against each other for the final time in the tournament. Spoilers also suggest the presence of Frieza in this part of the show. The official title of the episode is yet to come. Fan theories [VIDEO]suggest that before getting eliminated Frieza will transfer some part of his energy to Goku in this episode against Jiren. Nothing else is known yet.

Episode 131 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The episode will reveal the winner of the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, spoilers of the episode say that Goku will win the tournament and will resurrect Universe 6, which might be in honor of Vegeta’s promise to Cabba. Recently, one of the voice actors of the show posted a picture after the recording of Episode 131. The image shows actor of Cabba and angel of destruction, Vados [VIDEO].

Normally voice actors which are needed go to the recording studio and this indicates that the Voice of Cabba and Vados were involved in that last recording. It means the possible return of Universe 6. Goku wins the final battle against Jiren and he is expected to wish for the revival of Universe 6. The Chapter will release on March 25. Readers are advised that both the episode's information is based on unofficial spoilers and synopsis, so for the confirmation, we have to wait for the episode.

Episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air this weekend, which is named as “Prideful till the end! Vegeta Falls!!” The Saiyan will get evicted in this part of the show while saving Goku. He will go all out against Jiren and sacrifice his life for his Universe. Chapter 129 is titled "Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!! Goku will achieve the fully mastered Ultra Instinct this episode. Stay tuned for more updates.