"Dragon Ball Super" is known for its surprises. The show has been rampant when it comes to shockers since the last few episodes. We all know that the anime show will soon wrap up as per the new schedule released by the makers. It is worth mentioning that the show has only three episodes are left to release with have three warriors Goku, Frieza [VIDEO] and Jiren.

Currently, the biggest question at the moment is that who will be the winner of the Tournament of Power? Goku and Jiren both are the contenders.

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The Pride Tropper is dubbed as the most powerful warrior of the tournament, while Goku is known for his Ultra Instinct weapon. Notably, when earlier both warriors faced each other, Jiren has defeat Goku.

Goku's win?

It seems like the Voice actors of the show have accidentally unveiled Goku's win in the tournament over Jiren. A few days before, a voice actor of the show posted a picture of after party after completing the recording of episode 131. It shows voice actors of Cabba and angel of destruction, Vados. The photo of voice actor of Cabba was a surprise. Generally, voice actors who are needed only go to recording, this clarifies that Voice of Cabba and Vados were involved in that last recording, reports Omnitos. It indicates that the Universe 6 might be resurrected. And there is only one warrior, who can do this and he is Goku in honor of Vegeta [VIDEO]’s promise to Cabba. It looks like the voice-actors might just be revealed the winner of the tournament. Readers are advised the information is based on the assumption, for the confirmation we have to wait for the official episode.

Episode 129

Episode 129 will release this weekend. The chapter is titled as "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" Goku will go all out against Jiren in this part of the show. The spoilers suggest that Son Goku will be in his full-mastered Ultra Instinct form. According to ComicBook, The hero unlocked Ultra Instinct last year, but there is still more to the form than Goku knows. Fans are calling the fully-mastered UI a Super Saiyan White form.

Notably, the preview of the upcoming show is already out. It’s in the final few seconds of the preview we see Goku’s silver pupils and silver hair as he powers up, reports HyperBeast. It is worth mentioning that in Episode 128 ("Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!"), Vegeta has been eliminated by Jiren. The Universe 7's warrior has fought a great battle and helped Goku to recover energy.