"Dragon Ball Super" is preparing to give the fans an ultimate treat by showing Goku's fully-mastered Ultra Instinct form. Notably, Goku's UI has been incomplete in the show so far. The design of Goku's fully-mastered Ultra Instinct by Akira Toriyama will soon be seen in upcoming episodes. The warrior is rumored to appear with silver hair. If spoilers are to be believed, it will be shown in the latest V-Jump magazine. According to GameChup, it was also revealed in Dragon Ball Heroes.

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The form was originally called “Omen,” which means a sign of things to come, was incomplete.

Goku's mastered UI look

The Saiyan is expected to be in his Ultra Instinct form in Chapter 128 and will master it in Episode 129.

Goku will be up against Jiren, the strongest warrior in the Tournament of Power in upcoming episodes. According to ComicBook, Ultra Instinct Goku returns to face off against Jiren in Episode 128 of the series, but it appears that something happens to bring on the "Complete" form of Ultra Instinct, silver hair and all.The Universe 7 warrior might find it difficult to trouble Jiren with a partial Ultra Instinct form. He will have to be fully mastered to compete against Jiren.

Episode 129 spoilers

Episode 129 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as "Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!" As mentioned earlier it will feature the Goku's master UI form, the name of the episode suggest the same. Universe 7's warrior will be up against Jiren alone. According to Saiyan Land, there are two minutes remaining in the Tournament of Power.

At last, only Goku [VIDEO] and Jiren remain in the arena. Notably, Since the tournament reached its final stage, Goku has fought Jiren alongside with Vegeta most of the time. It is worth mentioning that Vegeta will get eliminated in Episode 128. The episode will release on March 4. Episode 130 will continue the battle between both the warriors. Frieza might get eliminated in this episode as per the spoilers. The official title of episode 120 is yet to come.

Talking about upcoming episode 128, the chapter will release on February 18. It is titled, "With Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!" The Saiyan will get evicted [VIDEO]in this part of the show to save time for Goku to recover his energy. Meanwhile, the anime show is wrapping on March 25 with the episode 131. There are three minutes are left in the tournament. The Universe Survival arc has been running since mid-2015. Stay tuned for more entertainment updates.