"Dragon Ball Super" can be found to be focusing on Vegeta for a brief period. However, the series is expected to put Goku back under the spotlight soon. There’s a lot of work left for the hero to enter his Ultimate Instinct. Moreover, latest spoilers confirmed that Goku would indeed join the master form before the series hit the finale.

Earlier today, details regarding "Dragon Ball Super’s" next episodes were posted online. Print media publications such as Animedia officially released the official titles of the upcoming events along with the synopsis for the same.

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The information reveals a great deal about what is to come next.

Recently, a new set of spoilers surfaced online via V Jump magazine. Translator Herms have shared the spoilers.

The spoilers suggest that for the first time in the Tournament of Power, Jiren [VIDEO] will finally smile. The Universe 11's warrior will face Goku in his full strength. This might be the reason of Jiren's happiness as he realizes that he has found his match in terms of power. One can only expect how intense this battle is going to be.

More details

The details in Animedia were printed in the Japanese language. The next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" will be titled, “Transcending the Limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!!” This title is a clear indication of Goku’s entry in the Ultra Instinct form. If the claim is not enough to confirm rumors regarding this matter, then its synopsis provides greater teasers.

The summary suggests that only two minutes are remaining in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] with Goku and Jiren in the arena.

Goku has found himself to be stuck in an awkward battle against Jiren’s devastating attacks, the synopsis further reads. However, his pupils suddenly start shining silver, the outline concludes. The description is making a direct reference to the Ultra Instinct form.

"Dragon Ball Super" is ending on March 25 as only three episodes are left in the release of the show. The Tournament of Power has two minutes remaining. The franchise is releasing a new "Dragon Ball" movie in December this year. It will focus on the origins of Saiyans. Stay tuned for more updates. Crunchyroll collaborated with Funimation to showcase "Dragon Ball Super’s" “Universal Survival.”

The animated show airs on Crunchyroll, every Saturday at 7:15 PM CST. The English dubbed version airs on Adult Swim during its Toonami block Saturday evenings at 9:30 PM.