"'Dragon Ball Super" is getting more excited with each passing episode. The anime show is on the verge of its series ending as only three episodes are left to release. The TV series will end on March 25, which has been running since mid-2015. Talking about the Tournament of Power, there are only two minutes left in it to reveal the winner. Currently, Goku, Frieza [VIDEO], and Jiren are left in the tournament and battle is getting fiercer between Universe 7 and Universe 11.

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Goku's new form

"'Dragon Ball Super" Episode 129 is titled, "Limits Super Surpassed! Ultra Instinct Mastered!!" It will air on March 18. As the name of the episode suggests, it will be Goku focused.

The Universe 7's warrior is expected to unlock the mastered form of Ultra Instinct against Jiren. Notably, so far in the tournament, Goku was seen unlocking half the potential of the Ultra Instinct [VIDEO]. Recently, V-Jump has shared the details of this Ultra Instinct form. The fans are calling this new form Super Saiyan White. According to ComicBook, Episode 129 will see Goku unlock the final transformation as he makes his final stand against Jiren to save Universe 7 from total annihilation. Talking about his looks, the preview of the upcoming episode is already out and the camera pans up but doesn’t reveal his new face—or, more importantly, his hairdo. We do get a look at his silver eyes, reports Kotaku.

Episode 130 spoilers

Episode 130 of "'Dragon Ball Super" will air on March 4. The official title of the episode is yet to come.

The chapter will mark the beginning of the final battle of "Dragon Ball Super." Frieza is also expected to feature in this part of the show. Fans might witness Frieza helping Goku by transferring some part of his energy to him. The spoilers of the episode show the elimination of Frieza in the same episode as Goku and Jiren who will finally be left to fight each other in the tournament. There is only limited information available regarding this episode.

It is worth noting that in the past episode ("Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!!") The Episode shows how powerful Jiren might be as he went all out against Vegeta. Vegeta got eliminated by Jiren but he gave Goku a chance to recover his energy during this battle. Jiren says he'll acknowledge Vegeta's pride and punches him out of the ring. Vegeta is in tears and give his last piece of energy to Goku while he falls out of the ring and gets eliminated, reports emptylighthouse. Overall it was an intense battle. Stay tuned for more "'Dragon Ball Super" news and updates.