"Dragon Ball Super" episode 127 is perhaps the most crucial episode of Universe Survival saga so far. The chapter will decide the fate of one of Universe 7's characters and will play a vital role in the Tournament of Power's future. The rumors, spoilers, and synopsis regarding the episode are hovering on social media and are suggesting some major twists. The upcoming episode will air on January 14 and is titled as "The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!." Vegeta and Android 17 will be the focus of this part of the show.

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Fans will see an intense battle between Jiren and Vegeta/Android 17, while Goku will also be in action for short period of time. The preview for this episode is already out.

As it happened

Before talking about "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 127 [VIDEO], we have to take a look at the last episode.

In the previous chapter, "DBS" was full of shocks. It was titled, "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!" Toppo was evicted in this episode by Vegeta. Android 17 and Frieza have also played a huge role in it to defeat the God of Destruction. The Universe 11 warrior unleashed the Energy of Destruction, while Vegeta uses the Final Explosion technique. In the end, Vegeta came out on top and eliminated Toppo.

Episode 127 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

The spoilers of Episode 127 [VIDEO] have Bad News for the Universe 7 fans as a major twist is expected to take place in this part of the show. Notably, the preview of the episode shows both Vegeta and Android 17 in action against Jiren, the strongest warrior in the Tournament. Also, Goku is seen using Super Saiyan Blue along with Kaio-ken. The biggest shock of the episode is the elimination of either Vegeta or Android 17.

If the synopsis is to be believed, one of the mentioned warriors will get evicted in the upcoming chapter by Jiren.

According to ComicBook, "The preview shows 17 barricading Goku and Vegeta from one of Jiren’s blasts after the Pride Trooper knocks them down." So will this be Android 17? On the other hand, The trailer further shows a light enveloping the Saiyan as he seems to be blown into pieces, and the image has some RIP Vegeta signs reports CB. Overall, it is difficult to say, who will get evicted in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 127. The anime show is well set up in its final stage to show fans some great action with twists and turns in the plot. The anime TV series is ending on March 25 with the Chapter 131 as Tournament Of Power has only five minutes remaining.