"Dragon Ball Super" has now reached a point where one can find it extremely difficult to predict what will happen next. We know that Tournament of Power has only five minutes left as the next episode will be 126, and it will air on February 4.

Notably, there is a total of six warriors left before the release of Chapter 126. These warriors are Toppo and Jiren from Universe 11, while Goku, Frieza, Android 17 and Vegeta are from Universe 7 [VIDEO]. However, Episode 126 ("Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!" ) is expected to be the last for Toppo.

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The leader of Pride Trooper is about to get eliminated from the Tournament Of Power, leaving Jiren against U11 only.

What to expect?

However, readers are advised that the information of Toppo's elimination is based on spoilers, which might turn out to untrue.

Our article is based on the assumption of Toppo's elimination, which is highly expected to happen. But, we would like to confirm that information is based on highly reliable sources. As translated by the popular anime content creator and blogger Herms, Episode 127 [VIDEO] talks about the fight of Android 17, Vegeta, and Son Goku against the strongest Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray.

Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope On The Final Barrier.” It will air on February 11. Although there is a lot of time left until the release of the episode, rumors of it have almost confirmed its plot. The episode will focus on Android 17, which means no elimination of 17 in Chapter 126. The warrior is expected to go all out against Jiren, the strongest warrior of the Tournament.

According to Okatukart, the injured Android 17 helps out Vegeta and Gokū as they still try to overpower Jiren.

End of Android 17?

The Pride Trooper's power will turn out too much to handle for these three U7's warriors. Later in the episode fans will see 17 makes a plan against U11's fighter, where he will be the focus of the strategy. On the other hand, Goku and Vegeta [VIDEO] will assist him. The situation will put Android 17 in great danger. We assume that this might be the end of Android 17 but nothing can be said certainly.

Meanwhile, the show is getting more interesting with each passing episode as only six are left according to a new schedule released by the makers. The anime TV series will end on March 25 and has been running since mid-2015. Overall, the show has been praised by critics as well as fans. Stay tuned for more updates.