"Dragon Ball Super" is now getting immensely interesting as some shocking twists and turns are set to happen in the show. We have the synopsis of episode 127, 128 and 129, which suggest how the show might possibly end. There are a total five episodes are left in the Universe Survival arc. The Tournament of Power [VIDEO] will end on March 25 with episode 131. The anime TV series was an instant hit for the makers when it started airing in 2015. Meanwhile, as the show progresses, fans will see a lot more elimination.

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In the forthcoming episodes, we will see the biggest battle of The Tournament as well as the elimination of one of the most favorite characters - Vegeta.

Episode 127 synopsis

Episode 127 of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled as "The Approaching Wall! The Final Barrier of Hope!!" The storyline of the chapter revolves around Vegeta and Android 17.

If rumors are to be believed, 17 might get eliminated from the show in this episode as he will use a life-risking tactic against Jiren. According to ComicBook, the synopsis says “Android 17’s do-or-die actions!! The injured No. 17 helps out Goku and Vegeta as they battle Jiren! No. 17 uses a life-risking strategy to support Goku and co. against Jiren's overwhelming power!!” Goku is also expected to go all out once again, and he will use Super Saiyan Blue along with Kaio-ken against Jiren. Overall, it is going to be an intense episode. The chapter will air on February 14.

Episode 128 and 129 details

The title of Episode 128 of "Dragon Ball Super" has recently surfaced online and it has bad news for Vegeta [VIDEO] fans. The Saiyan is confirmed to get eliminated from the tournament in this episode.

The chapter is named as “With Noble Pride to the End! Vegeta Falls!” The Saiyan is expected to go all out against Jiren to protect Goku. Fans might witness Vegeta donating his power to Goku to heal his wounds. The warrior has played a vital role in Universe 7's success so far in the tournament. The episode is surely going to be an emotional one for the fans. It will air on February 18.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 129 is titled as “Transcending the limit! Mastering Ultra Instinct!” Judging from the title of the episode, one can easily say that it will be a Goku-focused part of the show. The warrior is expected to go to a new level of Ultra Instinct. The synopsis of the episode says "Goku is stuck in a tough fight against Jiren's overwhelming attacks. But just then, Goku's pupils start shining silver.”