As there are only four to five episodes left in the Survival Saga, the "Dragon Ball Super" production is wrapping things up. This news has been confirmed by one of the stars by saying that their work on the show is done, for now at least.

The wrap-up

Mayumi Tanaka the voice actress of Krilin, shared photos of their celebration meal online to commemorate the team's work on the final day of the production.

As you can see, the voices of Goku and Vegeta (Masako Nozawa and Ryō Horikawa) are sitting next to each other with the rest of the cast sitting around them.

The full set of the photos can be found on Excite Blog under the username of hamayoshi.


For Fans, this wrap-up is sad because there will be no "Dragon Ball" before the "Dragon Ball Movie" that is said to be coming out later this year. This announcement was made by the official Toei Animation and Fuji TV. That being said, A new television anime based on Shigeru Mizuki's GeGeGe no Kitarō manga will premiere on Fuji TV at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday April 1. The time slot is currently occupied by "Dragon Ball Super."

The movie

With that being said, the new "Dragon Ball" movie that is coming out in December had its storyline teased by the creator of the series himself. Akira Toriyama said the the upcoming film will take fans back to the origins of Super Saiyan transformation. As the original Saiyans used to live on Sadala, it is a potential that the story line of The Movie will take us to Sadala.


The planet has been highlighted in the recent Dragon Ball Super episodes when Cabba tells Vegeta that the Saiyans of Universe 6 still reside on their home planet Sadala.

Based on this info, the storyline might give us details about the Saiyan Civil War and the first Super Saiyan called "Yamoshi". Yamoshi is very righteous despite being a Saiyan, and he alongside his five comrades attempted to wipe out the evil of the Saiyan race. As a Super Saiyan, Yamoshi is a fierce fighter and is said to have transformed into a Super Saiyan long before Goku. That is why in the "Dragon Ball" lore, Yamoshi is known as the Super Saiyan God.

This news was brought to light by a famous twitter page @YonkouProd.


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Aside from all the news, we still have some amazing episodes left in the Survival Arc. In the next episode titled “A Looming Obstacle! Pinning Hope on a Final Barrier!!," Android 17 will go all-out against Jiren. Even though Android 17 may not be that powerful against Jiren he is not going down so easily, especially when there is a secret barrier trick up his sleeve.