With only four episodes left, "Dragon Ball Super" may or may not reach a conclusion and, chances are, the end of survival arc will be a cliffhanger. From the preview of episode 128, the story will face a drastic turn of events when Goku and Vegeta clash with the enigmatic warrior, Jiren, and there is no sign of the 'ruthless' Freeza in the arena. With the ongoing rumors, episode 128 will have a possible elimination of Universe 7's contestant.

While "Dragon Ball Super" continues to approach its final moments, there are still many questions that have not been answered yet, and with so few episodes left this season, some of these questions may not be answered by the end of the series.

1. Who was Jiren's master?

Currently deemed as the strongest warrior, Jiren had a master who trained him in the art of fighting which has been a bit of trouble for the heroes of Universe 7. The identity of Jiren's master could be a huge deal to the future plot, and it is not going to be revealed anytime soon.


2. Who killed Jiren's family?

Last week's episode of "Dragon Ball Super" revealed the backstory of Jiren's origin, in which a mysterious 'evil-doer' destroys Jiren's village and slaughters his friends and family. There's an ongoing debate as to whether this 'evil-doer' is a typical bad guy from Jiren's universe or if it is someone that we currently know from the series. Whatever the case, we probably won't find out this season.

3. Why is Vegeta emphasizing on Universe 6's planet 'Sadala'?

Fans were keen to notice that whenever Vegeta meets his protégé, Cabba, he always talks about the Saiyan planet of Universe 6 known as 'Sadala' and its king. Vegeta is known for his Saiyan pride, and as the prince of Saiyans, he has a strong bond with the king of the planet, and we do not know Vegeta's plans for 'Sadala' yet.


4.What is Jiren's wish?

"I seek that which lies beyond strength," were the words uttered by the powerful warrior Jiren and these words are making fans question his wish. Although Jiren has a very generic backstory, his wish may have something to do with the killer of his parents.

5. What is Zenos' master plan?

As childish as they seem, the Zenos' are divine beings who, with the flick of their fingers, can destroy universes. What they will do after the end of the 'Tournament of Power' will give us an insight of their intelligence and their intention of destroying the universes. And we still don't know anything about the two attendants of Zenos' as well.

6. What is Grand Priest's secret?

Every once in a while, "Dragon Ball Super" shows an antagonistic vibe from the grand priest.


He may seem like a typical attendant who carries out Zenos' order, but there might be something even bigger to him. There have been several clues to a 'divine war' which may turn out to be the plot for the next season of "Dragon Ball," but that is a question that is not getting answered anytime soon.