"Dragon Ball Super" is slowly heading to its end. The series has been airing since mid-2015 and received positive reviews from fans as well as critics. Storywise, the series retells the events of the last two "Dragon Ball Z" films, "Battle of Gods" and "Resurrection F." The ending of the anime TV series is surely an emotional moment for the fans. Meanwhile, fans will be delighted to know that a "Dragon Ball" movie is on its way and will release in December 2018, it is officially confirmed by the makers.

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It will be an action-packed film with an interesting and informative plot, which mainly focus on the Saiyans.

Akira Toriyama, the writer of "Dragon Ball Super" is working on the "Dragon Ball" movie too.

According to Comic Book, he has written the script of the film and worked on the characters also. It is worth mentioning that the film is going to be the 20th film in the "Dragon Ball" series. The previous movie of the series was "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F," as previously mentioned.


The movie [VIDEO] will revolve around the origins or the history of Saiyans, which is said to be the most powerful race in the universe. Notably, fans will also see Vegeta and Goku as both are Saiyans. However, it is not known how long the roles of Vegeta and Goku will play in the film. Presumably, as the movie will go into the history of Saiyans, fans will see a lot of new characters, which means there will be a little space for the warriors. Yamoshi, the original Super Saiyan God will play a vital role in the movie.

Fans can expect the title and trailer of the film will go out by mid-2018 as currently the work on the movie is underway. In the meantime, whatever details do come out, I will keep you updated on.

What to expect next

It is worth noting that "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" is ending on March 25. The show-runners have recently released the new schedule for the show. The series has only six episodes left, while the Tournament of Power has only five minutes remaining.

The upcoming chapter of the show is 126, and is titled as "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow!!" It will air on February 4. Judging by the name of the episode, one can easily say that it will focus on Vegeta, who will be more powerful than ever in this part of the show.

Fans will see Toppo and Vegeta's battle, while Frieza could face the elimination. On the other hand, Goku will fight Jiren. Overall, it will be an intense episode. Nothing else is known, so stay tuned for more entertainment updates.