Shannon and David Beador of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" recently shared that they were calling it quits on their marriage. Now, Radar Online is sharing that David has moved on to a new girl and she seems to be a younger version of Shannon. That can't make her happy at all considering she was upset about putting on weight before the divorce.

Who is David's new girl?

It turns out that David Beador is dating a woman named Lesley, who is said to be a single sexy mom. She is also only 34-years-old, which is a lot younger than David. It sounds like they aren't trying to hide that they are a couple and things are really heating up between them so far.

They tried to keep it a secret at first, but now it doesn't look like that it the case at all. Instead, they are posting about each other all the time and have been spotted out in public.

Sources say that right after the split David was dating several women, but now he is just with Lesley and has been since around Christmas. Maybe he has found his match now. She even shared a post on her Instagram talking about how he was helping her work out. They also recently went to Las Vegas together for a fun trip, but David later deleted all of his comments that he made on her posts about it. It really does look like he has found love, but Shannon might not be too happy about it.

Reasons Shannon is upset

Well for one thing, David has been taking Lesley to eat at The Montage in Laguna Beach. This was a favorite place for him to go with Shannon, so of course, she can't be happy about that at all. David even spent New Year's Eve with her and made a comment on her Instagram page about the fact that he was going to be getting lucky that night after seeing a pic of her looking sexy.

A source says that Shannon knows about his new romance and is "devasted" over it. She wasn't very happy when they split and seemed like she wanted to try and work things out, but they just couldn't do it. Shannon and David are over and he is moving on. If she has started dating again, then she hasn't shared who is in her life or how things are going.

Are you shocked to hear that David Beador has moved on from Shannon with a younger version of her? Do you think that it is time for Shannon to start dating? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Real Housewives of Orange County" when they return to Bravo. It will be interesting to see how Shannon is doing and what is going on with her now that David has moved out.