Brad Pitt's mom Jane is all for her son getting back together with his ex, Jennifer Aniston, since she recently split with husband Justin Theroux according to reports from Radar Online. It is alleged by the celebrity news site that Jane Pitt is Team Jen when it comes to her son's famous exes and would be completely "thrilled" if the two decided to rekindle their past relationship.

Fans conflicted over Jen and Brad reunion talk

A Pitt family source allegedly claims that Mother Pitt has dreamed of a reunion between the two for more than ten years, and has even stayed in touch with her ex-daughter-in-law Jen over the years.

As previously reported, Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced that they would be separating via joint statement, saying that they had come to the mutual decision at the end of 2017 to part ways.

Aniston and Theroux to stay close friends?

There has been plenty of speculation and rumors claiming that Jen and Justin's marriage had been in trouble for more than a year and that Jen has been talking with Brad Pitt the entire time about her failing marriage. Aniston and Theroux have only been married two-and-a-half years, and Brad Pitt has been single since his split from Angelina Jolie. So it has fans wondering if Jen and Justin's marriage troubles were due to Jen never really getting over Brad.

One of the issues between Aniston and Pitt reportedly was always about having children. However, now that Brad Pitt has six with his ex, Jolie, that wouldn't pose too huge a problem at this time in their lives. If the two were to get back together after a past divorce they certainly wouldn't be the fist celebrity couple to do so.

Celebrities who remarried their exes include Elizabeth Taylor, Melanie Griffith, Marie Osmond, Richard Pryor, Barbara Walters, Robert Wagner, and Natalie Wood, to name a few.

Jennifer Aniston wasn't very surprised to hear of Brad and Angie's split at the time and had reportedly (according to Hollywood News Daily) said that the divorce was “karma” for what happened to her in her marriage to Brad.

Jen and Justin claim they are ending as friends and that is always better in the end, but then again, court tends to change everything in some cases.

So, with Jen single and Brad single, do you believe we will see Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get back together eventually? Of course, there has to be an appropriate Hollywood divorce wait time before this can happen, right? How many are hoping that Brad and Jen reunite, and who believes they should move on without each other?