Throughout history, there were many divided opinions about who was the Legendary Super Saiyan. That gifted being who appeared every 1000 years and who would have an extremely great power, completely out of the ordinary. With this, the dispute over the legendary Super Saiyan position was always between Broly, Bardock, and Goku, since each one presented several reasons for one of them to be the Saiyan from the legend.

In the "Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan" movie we were introduced for the first time to Broly, as the one and only legendary Super Saiyan, who has an infinite power [VIDEO] that makes him unable to control himself.

Definitely, when we saw this movie, we were all stunned, since the legend, as they put it, turns out to be just like Broly. However, this character is non-cannon, since Akira Toriyama never accepted this idea, and besides, this character is a movie exclusive.


The legend of Yamoshi

After several petitions from Toei, that Bardock (or Broly) was the character from the legend, Akira decided to create Yamoshi.

It was not long ago that the true story of the Super Saiyan became known, and Akira decided to name him Yamoshi. He was the one who, a long time ago, in the ancient planet Sadala (original planet of the Saiyans), fought together with five partners against other evil Saiyans. It was there that, after being cornered, he released the Super Saiyan inside him, becoming the first one to achieve this transformation [VIDEO].

The mighty Broly

One of the main reasons is that we know what Broly is capable of, his great power, and also that he meets all the requirements of the original legend.

He clearly showed himself as the most powerful Saiyan that has ever existed.


He became that gifted being that Frieza always feared. Even King Vegeta feared him when he saw him being born, and he realized that he had a "Ki" extremely high for a baby (10.000 units to be exact), and therefore he ordered his execution.

In 2018 there's going to be a new "Dragon Ball" movie, which will be based on the origin of the Saiyans. We think that in this movie they're going to show us a little deeper into their history, how the legend came to be and perhaps they will even show us an already characterized Yamoshi. Let's hope that this story is up to the original or even better, why not?

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