Vegeta has failed in “Dragon Ball Super," Akira Toriyama’s anime, in spite of having proposed a big Vegeta comeback, he can’t hide the truth that’s hiding behind Prince Saiyan's actions. And that truth isn’t something that Vegeta’s failure in “Dragon Ball Super”.

In order to explain this, we have to analyze the spoilers from the last episode [VIDEO] of the Japanese animation series. An episode that, as we've been warning, about the ending of the Tournament of Power and that showed us the battle between the Universe 7(lead by Goku and Vegeta) and the Universe 11 of Jiren and Toppo, two of the strongest fighters of the saga’s story.

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Analysis of episode 123 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Many of us are wondering if it was possible that, after what happened and all the controversy caused by the fans, Vegeta would be capable of recovering from the battle against Jiren and to exceed his own limits to reach a new form.

And if is true, somehow he managed it. While Vegeta was recovering, Goku and Jiren started the so expected revenge. A combat like no other; where Goku made it very difficult for the great fighter of the Tournament of Power. But the offensive of the warrior of the Pride Troopers was so strong that left Goku on the verge of fainting [VIDEO].

Vegeta’s moment

That was the moment where Vegeta, knowing how weak he was compared to Jiren, launched several attacks with the aim of giving Goku time to recover. At this moment, both come together to launch their Ki and end up transforming themselves. Goku attains his Super Saiyan Blue form and, surprisingly, Vegeta shows up with an improved version, one even more powerful than the Super Saiyan Blue. But what about the Ultra Instinct? Why can't Vegeta reach that level? This was the perfect time for “Dragon Ball Super” to make justice for this character.

Vegeta’s inability to attain the Ultra Instinct is his great failure. Postpone that moment was a mistake from the creators, Vegeta had the opportunity of his life and… he let it go.

But, despite all of this, Jiren showed one more time why he is the most powerful fighter of the Tournament of Power and one of the great characters of “Dragon Ball Super." The fight is postponed to the next episodes.

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