For great sadness of the fans, Gohan was eliminated in the last episode, along with Dyspo. At least a very strong warrior from the Universe 11 was defeated, with only Jiren and Toppo left. Many people believed that Gohan would perform better in this saga, after having a great potential, but it was little explored in the tournament of power.

With the elimination of Gohan and Dyspo, the Universe 7 has only four warriors left while the Universe 11 only has two fighters.

On the other hand, some fans have said several theories about the next episode of the series, exactly about the confrontation of the leader of the universe 11, Toppo against the Android 17 and the evil emperor, Frieza.

Toppo against Frieza

In episode 125, Toppo will be promoted to God of Destruction.


It's not known if Belmond, the current god of universe 11, is going to pass his Ki to Toppo or if the two of them are going to merge. All of this is for facing the Android 17 and Frieza. Nothing it’s fairer than a merge between Goku and Vegeta to defeat Jiren.

Although Toei, the anime producer, has announced the end of the Tournament of Power saga for March, the fight against the Universes 7 and 11 will take a little while to finish. There’s a great chance that the Android 17 will get eliminated in the next episode, leaving Frieza alone to face Toppo.

Some believe that Beerus might help Freezer somehow, to match Toppo's divine power, but none of this has been confirmed in any spoiler and until now are just fan theories, but with a good chance of happening.


When does 'Dragon Ball Super' return?

After the end of the saga, that will be at the end of March, the "Dragon Ball Super" broadcast schedule will be replaced for the broadcast of another anime. So far neither Akira Toriyama nor Toyotaro has given any statement about when the series is going to return, but the official website reported that fans can take advantage of Dragon Ball FighterZ's launch and in December there will be a movie dedicated to the history of the Saiyans.

What they stated is that the series isn’t going to return before the movie, so fans would have to wait until 2019 to know the future of this series. Perhaps the anime would come back with another name, and “Super” has no sequel, we don't know yet.


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