It’s no secret that the tournament of Power is coming to its end and with that, its plot is also ending. There are only a few battles left that will decide which universe is the one that will be the winner and will obtain the Super Dragon Balls.

After the tournament

After all of this, there has been speculation among the fandom regarding what is going to happen with “Dragon Ball Super” when the Tournament of Power comes to its end. Some skeptical people think that with the Tournament of Power ending, the series itself will come to an end, while others say that the saga will end and a new one will begin, but will have a different focus.

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This is similar to the way that the Tournament of Power began following the conclusion of the Trunks saga, which saw the likes of Black Goku and Zamasu. Still, it is likely that whatever happens following the end of the Tournament of Power, there is a good chance that the next saga will pick up where this one leaves off.

Possible future for 'Dragon Ball Super'

Can you imagine an ending where U7 gets eliminated and Jiren’s universe is the one that obtains the victory? Exactly, as you can read, some see it as more logical that Universe 11 is the winner of the Tournament of Power, causing Goku and his friends’ elimination. Is this possible? We don’t know for sure, but it would be something that requires a lot of guts from Akira Toriyama since he’d have to kill his main character, along with the entire universe that he created, but everything is possible and it would provide a totally unexpected twist to the plot.

So, with Universe 11 being crowned as the winner, these warriors [VIDEO] would be awarded the Super Dragon Balls to thus invoke Zalama and grant them their wish. After this, and remembering a little bit about Jiren’s past, his participation in the tournament is based mainly on the promise that Vermouth made to him, which is that if he won the tournament he would fulfill his greatest wish.

Since he has a good heart and fights for justice, we could say that Jiren is the one who will request that Zalama revive all universes that were destroyed by Zeno-Sama, showing that he’s not a villain but a warrior that fights for peace.

In short, this possible new saga could be based on these revived universes and on Jiren trying to correct his mistake in fighting against those universes. Obviously, he could also join Goku [VIDEO] and his friends in their fight to eradicate danger from all universes.