Despite being one of the most powerful warriors in the entire Tournament of Power, and being the leader of The Pride Troopers, his role in “Dragon Ball Super” until now has been more of a secondary role.

Toppo introduced himself as someone who was at the same power level as the Gods of Destruction, but because of the situation in his Universe, he had been relegated to do the dirty work. He was the first member of these vigilantes to show up in front of Goku in a brief combat, and he's had to wait over two months to prove why he's where he is, and why even Jiren respects him as a superior.

After the two rounds against Jiren, Goku and Vegeta will let Gohan, Android 17 and Frieza to be the main focus.


Frieza will be the center of attention in episode 124 of this week when he has to test his skills against the fast Dyspo in a challenge that could hold more than one surprise. All of this will only be the preview of the battle that many people were expecting between Goku’s son and the android against Toppo.

Now, thanks to Todd Blankenship we can know the title as well as the synopsis of the moment that will be a turning point to the events and will lead the arc towards to its end.

Synopsis of Chapter 125

“The strength of the warrior Toppo falls on the participants of the Universe 7. It seemed that the warrior from The Pride Troopers had been defeated because of the combined attack of the Android 17 and the other members of the U7, however, when he was getting ready for the worst, something strange starts to happen to his body.”

The new transformation

It seems that Toppo not only has a high level of power but also hides a secret transformation.


Along the entire Tournament there have been happening different transformations, and even though all of them have ended falling for one reason or another, this one might be different. This is the only warrior that is facing two rivals at the same time, and if he manages to win, he would seriously jeopardize the victory of Universe 7. With Goku and Vegeta being very busy, and Frieza planning a new plan of treason, the end of "Dragon Ball Super" augurs a surprise that no one expects.

On the other hand, Goku's final combat against mighty Jiren is coming, and this fight will decide the fate of both universes.

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