Throughout its entire history, "Dragon Ball" and "Dragon Ball Z" were an important part of many people's childhood, nobody knows what was it about this manga series that entertained everybody back in the 90's, perhaps it was their spectacular fights, the great characters, the excellent storyline of this world named "Dragon Ball", among other things. However, this masterpiece wasn't going to be that long as we all saw, this story was going to be a little bit more limited since it was the true story that Toriyama [VIDEO] wanted to tell.

Original story of "Dragon Ball"

We all know the events that happen in "Dragon Ball", the story of Goku, Krillin, Bulma, and others, here it's where all started, where it started to have a huge success since it was bringing together the adventure with the martial arts.


All of this was basically Goku's story, that little Saiyan that arrived in the Earth to build his life.

It wasn't until the release of "Dragon Ball Z", the new series of Toei Animation based on Akira Toriyama's manga, where we were able to see more clearly that Goku was very different from humans by showing a superior power. Definitely, at this time, we all thought that it was the beginning of a new story when actually we were coming close to the end of the story.

The End

It wasn't until the Frieza saga, where we get to know the Emperor of the Universe, absolutely feared by all, it's here where "Dragon Ball" had the original villain of its story, where we are introduced [VIDEO] to an infinite number of events, we are told the legend of the Super Saiyan, and the Emperor's fear that this legend would be true (for this reason he destroyed the planet Vegeta in order to avoid that the Super Saiyan from the legend would appear and defeat Frieza).


What do I want to come up with by telling all this? That, simply put, the "Dragon Ball" story was going to end in the Frieza saga, with him killing Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince, not before begging Goku to defeat Frieza and telling him that he was the one who killed his father along with his entire planet. This is when the best fight in the history of "Dragon Ball" begins, totally epic, between Frieza the Emperor and a low-class Saiyan that was fighting for his loved ones and with the purpose to bring peace to the Universe.

Finally, Goku would transform himself into Super Saiyan right in front of Frieza's eyes, making the legend prove to be true, to defeat the Evil Emperor.

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