2017 was a great year for "Dragon Ball Super." We have discovered new characters, we have entered into a new saga, and we even have been overwhelmed by the showing of a new transformation of Goku. Although, like most shows, it has had some bad times. However, 2017 gave us some extraordinary moments in different chapters, so now, here are the 7 best moments of the Year 2017.

Chapter 77: New opening

Episode 77 of "Dragon Ball Super" was one of the most epic episodes of the year, introducing us to the new opening theme.

The song was performed by Kiyoshi Hikawa, and the scenes contained many spoilers at that time, delighted us, and filled us with emotion on the brink of the saga of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO].


Chapter 78: The gods of destruction appear!

Ever since the introduction to the movie of "The Battle of the Gods," we have been waiting with great anxiety to meet the remaining gods of destruction. First came Champa, then, in episode 78, we were able to discover the 10 remaining gods of destruction. The designs were amazing, and few will forget the reveal of the appearance of the Vermouth, which brought dozens of theories.

Chapter 94: The transformation of Frieza

The return of Goku's greatest enemy, with the addition to his new transformation, made up one of the best chapter conclusions of all "Dragon Ball Super." The music was epic, and the transformation of Frieza was sublime. The fans did not expect to see such a scene, which caused an even greater impact.

Chapter 98: Zeno eliminates Universe 9

One of the most sinister scenes in the whole saga without a doubt was the elimination of Universe 9.


It was unexpected because we did not expect to see a universe be eliminated so quickly. The desperation of Kaioshin Rou, coupled with the sinister smile of the angel Mojito, made this scene something macabre.

Chapter 118: The elimination of Universe 6

Following the most sinister scene, we went to the saddest scene in this saga. The elimination of the sixth universe of Champa and company was as sad as it was epic. The end of the fight with Gohan and Picollo was extraordinary, but the farewells were between Beerus and Champa.

Chapter 115: Goku reactivates Ultra Instinct

The second glimpse of the new transformation of Goku was without a doubt epic. Although the advancements of the chapter had revealed to us that he would appear again, the spoilers did not overshadow the appearance and awe that we all felt seeing the unknown form of Ultra Instinct again.

Chapters 109 and 110: The new transformation of Goku

Finally, the best moment of the year was seen in the One-hour special [VIDEO], episodes 109 and 110. The first battle between Goku and Jiren, as well as the new transformation of the Saiyan, were a delight for all fans as they showed us the best facet of the series. Unfortunately, Son Goku ended up losing the fight, but certainly episodes 109 and 110 gave us the best moments of 2017 watching "Dragon Ball Super."