By the end of 2017, a rumor indicated that the end of “Dragon Ball Super” was close. In that time, Hiroyuki Saturada and Masatoshi Chioika, producer and director of the Anime Series made some declarations to calm the people down, assuring that the story will have continuity, even if the “Universe Survival” arc –which is currently being developed, ends this year.

Well, the rumor became a reality this Thursday, when Toei Animation, announced officially the comeback of the new anime GeGeGe no Kitaro, which will we premiered on April 1st (Sunday) at 9 a.m.

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on Fuji TV, the current schedule and channel of Dragon Ball Super, which confirms that this show won’t be transmitted anymore [VIDEO].

The last chapter of the series

The last chapter of Dragon Ball Super will air on March 25, 2018, and probably that day they will give more information about the future of the series.

Taking into account that on February 25th there won’t be an episode because of Tokyo Marathon, nor on March 11th due to Nagoya Marathon, the anime will end on chapter 131, which will also mean the end of the “Universe Survival” arc.

Is this the end? So far, neither Toei Animation nor Fuji TV has made any official statement about the future of Dragon Ball Super.

According to this Japanese newspaper (which arrived in the West thanks to social networks and which we can read thanks to the translation of @Herms98), Fuji TV states that the future of the show is still uncertain, but “it's not like it's over.”

Is it an indefinite break?

Taking this into account, we could think that the anime will have a break and it will come back a few months later, or perhaps, next year, although by now we don’t have any information about it, since the animation studio hasn’t given an exact date in which the popular “Dragon Ball Super” series will return.

But, fans at least have a consolation prize for now. In December 2018 it will premiere the 20th film inspired by the work of Akira Toriyama. Meanwhile, month [VIDEO] after month, the manga made by Toyotaro will continue to be published.

There’s still a lot to explore in this series, we still don’t know the universes that were exempt from the Tournament of power, we don’t know the origin of Jiren’s power and the other members of The Pride Troopers, Goku still hasn’t managed the Migatte no Gokui, and many other things that haven’t yet been clarified in the series, for all of these reasons it’s possible that they're taking some time to improve things in the series and soon return to continue captivating the world.