"Dragon Ball Super" is getting closer to its end since the tournament of power entered its decisive stage and now, with Gohan’s elimination, there are only six warriors in the platform which will decide what universe will be the winner of the tournament of power made by The King of All.

The preview of the episode 125 showed us that Toppo, the leader of the Pride Troopers, will get a truly incredible power, with which he will make Frieza and Android 17 suffer. However, this power that Toppo is going to show us wouldn’t be used by the character on purpose, but rather would emerge miraculously.

Toppo’s pride

Despite being a warrior of justice and living to protect the Universe 11, Toppo’s pride, as a vigilante, is comparable with Vegeta’s as a Saiyan warrior.


This is why Toppo doesn’t tolerate evil and instead punishes it, without compassion, because his pride won't allow him to stand back and do nothing right in front of an unjust situation that involves innocents.

In episode 125 Toppo’s pride will be severely damaged since his suit, a symbol of what the Pride Troopers are, will get destroyed. After this, and because of the great anger that Toppo will feel when he sees the way the Android 17 and Frieza destroyed his suit, he’ll release this amazing power with which he will surpass all his limits.

In the first fight he had with Son Goku, the latter, after using a Kamehameha, broke Toppo's suit. After this, the vigilante got angry and started to release his entire power, being stopped only by Daishinkan.


The situation we’ll see in episode 125 will be similar, watching an infuriated Toppo because of the destruction of his uniform, which to him is a symbol and banner of justice in the Universe 11.

A new God of Destruction

The title of the episode calls Toppo "God Of Destruction." However, this nickname that is given to the character is an unofficial nickname, in other words, Toppo won’t become a God of Destruction in episode 125, but his brutal appearance added to his aura will give the sensation of seeing a god of destruction. Of course, Toppo is Vermouth's number one successor candidate; therefore his many years of training with him will have paid off in the tournament of power.

The man in charge of dealing with Toppo would be Vegeta since Android 17 and Frieza couldn't do anything against this.


It’s believed that Toppo will be responsible for the elimination of Frieza and the Android 17, so all that would remain would be Vegeta and Goku vs. Jiren and Toppo.