The worst news of the year for "Dragon Ball Super" fans has seemingly come true, and it’s that the popular anime series created by Akira Toriyama already has an end date. The end is slated to come after the end of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO].

The information revealed

A few hours ago, an image was leaked revealing that on April 1st a new series would be premiered at the same timeframe in which "Dragon Ball Super" is broadcasted. However, this news not yet official didn't necessarily mean anything, since there were several possibilities.

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One of these was that the series would enter a period of rest for a few months because of the production of the new movie that will in November, which will have the Saiyans as the main characters.

Unfortunately, of all possible scenarios, the worst-case scenario was confirmed, since a few moments ago –via social networks- one of the series’ animators (Tsutomu Ono [VIDEO]) confirmed that the series will end in March/April. Besides this, he added that Episode 126 will be the last one he will animate.

Reasons why it ends

Incredibly, we have no reason why "Dragon Ball Super" will end up, it means that there’s nothing that supports this decision made by Toei Animation, the sales figures for 2017 were fantastic, besides the series has never left the top ten most viewed anime since it was first broadcasted.

Therefore, it’s not about an economic issue. However, we believe that the only reason to explain this is, as everyone knows, Toei Animation received a script from Akira Toriyama. After this, the most logical thing left is to think that the script written by Akira ends after the tournament of power saga and the company doesn’t want to make the same mistake they made in the past. In other words, when they wanted to continue with the franchise by creating "Dragon Ball GT," which ultimately failed.

After this, it's understandable that the animation company will finish the series after the Tournament of Power, since they have no script to animate, and they don’t want to risk another failure like the one they've experienced in the past. Unfortunately, and although the action by Toei Animation is understandable, for the fans, this is a big shock to recover from now knowing that there are only less than ten episodes left.

This is the latest news related to the "Dragon Ball" world at the moment. If there’s more information to report on the topic, we will be sharing it as soon as possible.