"Dragon Ball Super" is one of the most famous anime series in the world. The show is currently featuring the "Tournament Of Power," which gets closer to its end with each passing episode. The Universe Survival arc will soon wrap up as the creators have released the new schedule for the show. According to the new release dates, it will end on March 25. The anime TV series is produced by Toei Animation and began airing on July 5, 2015, on Fuji TV. The ending is surely an emotional moment for the fans. However, there is a good news for the fans as the DBS makers have confirmed the new movie, probably release in January 2019. The movie will be the 20th installation of the franchise.

The new Dragon Ball film

In December 2017, during the Jump Festa event, the film was confirmed by the makers officially.


According to Japan Today, Toriyama will be handling the script and character designs for the new Dragon Ball movie. The movie will honor the latest anniversary of the franchise. According to reports from Japan Today, the story of the movie will revolve around planet Sadala, the original homeworld of the Saiyan race and the original Super Saiyan God, Yamoshi. Fans could also witness Goku and Vegeta in the movie as it will focus on Saiyan. Also, it is certain that we will see a number of new characters in the movie. The news might be small consolation for the fans as "Dragon Ball Super" will soon be ending.

Fans can expect the title and release of the preview of the anime film released by the end of 2018.


Notably, the franchise's last movie was "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F" released in 2015. So we have to wait to know the origins of the Saiyan while they became more powerful over this short duration.

The end is near

  • Episode 126 - Release Date February 4
  • Episode 127 - Release date February 11
  • Episode 128 - Release date February 18
  • Episode 129 - Release date March 4
  • Episode 130 - Release date March 18
  • Episode 131 - Release date March 25

"Dragon Ball Super" has only five episodes left. The Tournament of Power will soon wind down as Universe 7 and Universe 11 go all out against each other in upcoming episodes. The most recent episode of the DBS was 125, titled, "With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!" The focus of the episode was Toppo, who has shown his strength against Android 17 and Frieza with Hakai Energy.


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