If you have been following this controversial family for a while now, then you would know that they are very strict when it comes to their dress code. For example, the Duggar girls were never used to be allowed to wear pants for years until Jinger Duggar was spotted wearing a pair of skinny jeans. When Jinger started wearing jeans, her sister Jill and her mother Michelle started wearing pants. However, when it comes to footwear, the Duggar family don’t seem to have any rules about shoes.

What did the Duggar family say about footwear?

One of the first times the Duggar family discussed the topic of footwear was when the women of the family were picking shoes out for Jill Duggar's wedding.

The only real instruction that Jill gave the girls was for them to find shoes that were neutral in color but other than that they could basically pick whatever they wanted.

Michelle was then asked for their television series “Counting On” if the family had any rules for footwear. She replied with “Our family does not have any modesty issues for footwear. There's not really a whole lot I think you could do that would be immodest with a shoe. Maybe, I don't know.” Maybe it is best if Michelle stays away from the weird side of the internet for now as, after all, we don’t want her to see what people can do that is immodest with a shoe.

What else have the Duggar family been up to?

It has been quite the busy couple of months for the Duggar family as they never seem to be out of the news.

This controversial family are usually in the public eye for all of the wrong reasons. An instance of this would be when Derick Dillard who is Jill Duggar’s husband was fired from the family’s Reality Television Series “Counting On” after he made transphobic comments about Jazz Jennings.

The TLC network decided to cut ties with Dillard because they didn’t want his views to be associated with their network as his opinions didn’t match the network's opinions.

It is worth mentioning that after Dillard was fired, he went online to beg for money from fans as he wasn’t getting any money at all from the show.

This wasn't the first time Dillard begged for money online as when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston he asked for money just for himself which resulted in him receiving horrible attention online.

He received bad attention from the media because many fans thought that he was stealing money from the victims of the hurricane. If you want you can keep up with this family on their reality television series “Counting on” and you can also follow them on their social media accounts as well.