On "General Hospital," the fate of Julian and Alexis is not yet very clear. Mr. Jerome has been released from Pentonville and returned to Port Charles, where he now owns a restaurant. On New Year's Eve, he opened the doors to feed the hungry with the help of his estranged wife and other town residents. "Julexis" fans have been waiting for the big reunion between their favorite couple but so far there is no indication that they will get back together. "GH" viewers had become accustomed to this couple being very passionate and thought by now they would have come together in a romantic way.

Soaps She Knows spoilers, however, suggest that Julian may soon face life without his wife and find love elsewhere.

Spoilers are quiet about a Julexis reunion

Spoiler alerts have not addressed a reunion between Julian and Alexis, but Soaps She Knows suggests that Mr. Jerome may find love elsewhere in the new year. "GH" viewers have become accustomed to "Julexis" always being hot and heavy with each other so this stalemate is frustrating. Some fans were probably expecting the couple to tear each other's clothes off as soon as they saw each other as they did when Julian returned from the dead.

On Thursday (Jan. 4), Julian and his estranged wife were relating to each other like virtual strangers.

There was none of the chemistry that viewers have been accustomed to seeing. Loyal fans are probably waiting for a scene where the once, and hopefully future, lovers will rip each other's clothes off because they are unable to contain their passion. So far, each has been coy and hiding their true feelings about the other. It does not help that absolutely no one in Port Charles is on their side.

Everyone who is close to Alexis continues to warn her away from the man she loves.

The future of Julexis is not certain

If the cold shoulder that Julexis is giving each other continues, then fans will begin to forget about the heat this couple can generate. This would make it easier to accept if spoilers are correct about Julian falling in love with someone else.

There is also the possibility that the writers are leading viewers down a false path that will reunite Alexis and Julian at a later date.

Nancy Lee Grahan and William deVry have stated in interviews that they love the romantic scenes they have been given and "Julexis" fans feel the same. Even so, the writers tried paring Alexis with David while her spouse was incarcerated, but it did not work. Now spoilers suggest that Julian will fall for someone else so this couple's fate is uncertain. Stay tuned for more episodes of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC to find out if this popular couple will reunite or not.