Nicolas Cage is a man who loves to take risks. He's purely insane in this movie and provides the audience his best performance in 10 years. Even Mr. Cage agrees and has said that this is his all-time favorite film. "Mom and Dad" is not so much your typical horror movie, but a clever marriage of jet-black comedy and horror added to the mix. Directed by Brian Taylor, who brought you, "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" and "Crank," "Mom And Dad" is a bloody good time and is hilarious as hell! I loved it! The film is just the beginning of Nicolas Cage's return to the spotlight.

My only regret is that I didn't have the opportunity to speak to Brian and Nic due to their tight schedules, but I'm not giving up! I hope to speak to both of them shortly about other projects. The movie was filmed in a suburban area of Louisville, KY.

'Mom and Dad' is a unique cult-classic film

This film is unique and the first of its kind to combine the two unlikely genres of horror and dark humor. The editing in "Mom and Dad" is very clever and funny. The plot surrounds a dysfunctional suburbanite family, the Ryans. Brent (played by Nicolas Cage), Kendall (Selma Blair), Carly, (Anne Winters), and Josh (Zachary Arthur) make up the main cast. Kendall and Brent are both sick of their everyday lives—with Brent slacking off at work and Kendall being unhappy with her career.

A virus of an unknown origin, from the static of a television monitor, triggers parents to attempt to murder their kids. And the two parental units of the Ryan family attempt to kill their own children, but with the surprise ending, are unsuccessful. My favorite scene is Nicolas Cage smashing the pool table with a sledgehammer and screaming with disdain at the song that he hates: "The Hokey Pokey."

I sympathize with you Nic.

I hate that song too! He does that so well in the film and it's very impressive! I love the flashback where Nic is looking like his character in the film, "Raising Arizona," and is recklessly driving the Trans-Am with a half-naked woman on top of him. That was very funny. The film is a modern-day over-the-top version of a suburban "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and a warped version "Home Alone.

" What's even more bizarre is that they added two songs in the movie starting with Erasure's "Chains Of Love" and the Swedish group Roxette's song from the 1990 film "Pretty Woman," "It Must Have Been Love."

Here is the trailer.

'Mom and Dad' is available on Amazon and in select theaters

"Mom and Dad" was released on Friday (Jan.19) and is now available for your viewing pleasure on Amazon and in limited release in select theaters. It's scheduled to drop on DVD in February and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

I rate this film a B+.