The team behind the successful anime series already confirms the sad news that “Dragon Ball Super” is going to air its final episode on March 25. For several days, news has been hitting the Internet about the imminent end of the epic anime. Currently, the series is on its Universe Survival Arc where the god of all is holding the Tournament of Power in order to erase the universe with low mortal level. There are only six minutes left until the hotly contested tournament will end.

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New hints

Fans are saddened that the series is going to air Episode 131 as its last episode. Interestingly, one of the voice actors of “Dragon Ball Super” drops a hint about the status of the series and the series that will follow.

On Twitter, voice actor Toshio Furukawa shared his thoughts on the thread discussing the end of the popular anime series [VIDEO]. The ever-reliable anime content creator and translator Herms translated his comment. Toshio is the voice behind the powerful fighter from Planet Namek—Piccolo. He explains that most probably the last episode of the popular anime series will serve as the groundwork for the succeeding series. However, he clarifies that it is only his opinion.

It is interesting to note that the voice actor, aside from cheering the fans, is also giving a hint that the series will soon continue. As to when and what exactly is still unknown to the fandom. Considering the percentage of viewers watching the series all over the world, it is impractical for the team to discontinue it. The series is one of the most viewed anime in Japan, in other countries, and even on YouTube.

Other details

With the warm reception coming from the fans, it is safe to say that the popular anime series will be on hiatus only.

This is to pave way for the movie that will be released in December of this year. Hopefully, after the movie, the team would continue with the series with a brand new arc. For now, these are all speculations and we will keep on updating you with the freshest news as soon as we get the information.

Meanwhile, Episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on January 28. It will showcase the fight between Frieza, Android 17, and Toppo. In addition, it will also highlight Toppo’s ascension to power [VIDEO]as a god of destruction. You can check out the latest preview of Episode 125 of the anime series below. It is titled,"Majestic! Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo!" Will Toppo's new power be his tool to win in the Tournament of Power?