Fans spirits have been high since last weekend when Episode 122 of “Dragon Ball Super” showcased the fight between the Prince of All Saiyans of Universe 7 against the strongest Pride Trooper of Universe 11. With only two universes and eight fighters left in the arena, the competition is anybody’s game. Vegeta showed that he's got what it takes to fight against the strongest Pride Trooper. In fact, in several scenes, he was able to land his attacks on his opponent who was caught off guard.

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Also notable, the latest episode of the popular anime series also gave fans a glimpse of the power of the Grand Priest Daishinkan and it is fascinating.

The Grand Priest’s power

Since the Tournament of Power started in “Dragon Ball Super,” fans were intrigued about the real strength and power of the trusted right hand of the Omni-King—the Grand Priest Daishinkan.

In the previous episodes [VIDEO], fans learned that Daishinkan was the one responsible for building the arena in the World of the Void. In Episode 122, a glimpse of one of the Grand Priest’s abilities was revealed. Since the Omni-Kings found it lonely to see the Angels of Destruction, Gods of Destruction, and fighters far from each other, Daishinkan did something to solve the dilemma between the gods. With a flick of his hands, he adjusted the bleachers’ seat and compressed the seating arrangement. The attendees were at first terrified, even Krillin and Tien could not hide their fear when the World of the Void trembled.

Theories and speculations

Although the fans were delighted with this show of power, many are still not satisfied with the revelation regarding the Grand Priest’s power. They wanted to know more about the mysterious character who is the father of all the Angels of Destruction assigned to every universe.

Daishinkan’s character, up to now, is shrouded in mystery. Because of this, many fans formed their own theories and speculations [VIDEO] about the character. One of the most popular theories about the Grand Priest is that he will dethrone the Omni-King after the Tournament of Power.

This will be very exciting, especially if the team behind the popular anime series injects this theory into the storyline soon. Meanwhile, Episode 123 is slated to air on January 14. It is titled "Full Body, Spirit, and Power Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!!" In the preview, Goku revealed that Vegeta will achieve a new power-up while he continues to fight Jiren the Gray.