Episode 124 of “Dragon Ball Super” officially aired on Sunday and it was heart-breaking and satisfying. Another fan-favorite character in the popular anime series was eliminated in the hotly contested Tournament of Power. As a team leader, Gohan sacrificed his future fights in order to take down and eliminate the extremely fast fighter from Universe 11—Dyspo. With the culmination of Episode 124, the universes are left with only six minutes until the end of the tournament.

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Fans, while saddened by Gohan’s elimination, have their own speculations regarding how the Tournament of Power in the World of Void will end. A new theory has been making the rounds on the web recently regarding how the tournament will end.

Surprise ending

Since the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” started, fans have been forming their own speculations and theories about the result. There are some who claim that Son Goku will win the tournament and will wish using the Super Dragon Balls [VIDEO] that the erased universes be restored. Some also say that Jiren the Gray will win in the tournament and will utter his desired wish to the magical balls. However, it appears that this is not going to be the case. If the latest theory is to be believed, it seems that an unusual ending is going to happen.

Anime blogger Shubham Sharma believes that two universes will be declared winners in the Tournament of Power. The blogger claims that the fighters that will be left standing will be Jiren the Gray and Toppo of Universe 11 and Frieza and Son Goku of Universe 7.

He adds that before their showdown even starts, the time limit will run out. Because of this, the Grand Priest will declare that both universes win the tournament.

The blogger even adds that since both universes would like to wish for the restoration of the erased universes, Zeno will allow this to happen. Moreover, because the god of all enjoyed the tournament, he will make the Tournament of Power a regular event just like the Budokai Tenkaichi but on a universal level.

Other details

While the theory could happen there are some things that the blogger failed to consider. This includes the sentiments of the fans. The anime is one of the most watched in the world. Fans would be disappointed to see a half-baked ending. Aside from the disappointment from the early announcement that the series is going to end in March [VIDEO], an ending with both Universe 7 and Universe 11 declared as the winners would break the heart of the fandom. In addition, the blogger fails to tackle what will happen to Frieza and his desire to be resurrected.

Meanwhile, episode 125 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on January 28. The episode is titled "Majestic! Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo!"