"Dragon Ball Super" has many warriors with their own unique powers. The Universe Survival arc has Toppo, the leader of Pride Trooper, while Universe 7 has Vegeta and Goku with powers like Ultra Instinct. However, the strongest warrior in the Tournament Of Power is Jiren.

The warrior has been absolute rampant against their opponents in the Tournament so far including Goku and Vegeta. The tournament has reached the final stage in Episode 122, "For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!" Since the beginning of the chapter, Goku and Vegeta have teamed up to eliminate Jiren, but the fighter has always come on top. Jiren is probably the biggest reason for Universe 11 for being the favorite to win Tournament Of Power.


What makes Jiren power?

There is a possibility that Jiren has surpassed the level of a God Of Destruction, which would make him the strongest mortal in Dragon Ball history, reports Okatukart. One can argue that what makes Jiren so powerful. Many believe them meditation is might be the biggest cause. We have also seen that Jiren spend a lot of time doing meditation. Even during the recent episode, he was busy involved doing the mental exercise. This makes him calm even during the tough moments as he controls his emotions easily.

Moving forward, there is a theory that says in Chinses, Jiren means several people and when Jiren first unleashed his power, Beerus responded by saying ‘Is this really just the power of just one being?’” reports ComicBook.


Beerus was in absolute shock when he saw Jiren's full power. The theory further says that Jiren is the fusion of his entire own race.

That might be the reason why he does meditation so to clear his mind every so often, reports ComicBook. The warrior gets tired of all that noise after all. The theory also says that Jiren might undue the fusion in the Tournament Of Power. Overall, the theory is backed by facts and logic and might come true in future.

The end of Tournament

The anime show fans have a terrible new that "Tournament Of Power" will be ending soon. The reports have recently confirmed that Universe Survival arc will end on March 25.

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