Jiren is currently the biggest nightmare for Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power's final stage. He is dubbed as the most powerful warrior in the tournament including the God Of Destruction. The Pride Trooper has already defeated Goku early in the Universal Survival arc's early episodes. There is absolutely no warrior, who alone, can beat Jiren at the moment. So, what is the reason for Jiren's immense power? It is difficult to give a single reason for the warrior's strength.

One of the biggest causes of his power might be a fusion.

An astonishing reason

According to ComicBook, recently a theory regarding Jiren [VIDEO] surfaced online, suggesting the reason why Jiren is so powerful.


Theory says, in Chinese, Jiren means “several people,” which means Pride Trooper might be a result of a mass fusion of his own race. Notably, the theory talks about the "race." Usually, the Warriors are the result of the fusion between few hundred or maybe more fighters. The theory further discusses an incident where Beerus, first-time witness to the power of Jiren, questioned if it’s really just the power of one being.

On the other hand, many believe meditation is the reason for Jiren's power, which gives him the ability to remain calm in difficult situations. Notably, we also have seen Universe 11's warrior doing meditation during the Tournament of Power's matches. Readers are advised that the info is entirely based on a theory and I are not confirming the theory.

The final stage of the tournament

Jiren is currently fighting Goku and Vegeta in the final stage of the Tournament of Power.


In episode 122, Vegeta didn't hold back as he kicked Jiren a couple of times. Later in the battle, Jiren almost pushed Universe 7's warrior out of the ring. The battle is expected to continue in episode 123 and Vegeta might unlock a new level of Ultra Instinct. There are reports which suggest that he will be hurt badly while fighting against the Pride Trooper. Chapter 123 will air on January 13 and titled as "Full body, power, and spirit unleashed! Goku [VIDEO]and Vegeta!!" Fans will also witness Gohan/Android 17 fighting Toppo while Dyspo is battling Frieza.

Meanwhile, the Episode 124 title was also revealed. This part of the show will be called, "A stormy fierce attack! Gohan fights with his back to the wall!!" Please subscribe the "Dragon Ball Super" channel to get every update of the anime show. Share, comment, like and stay tuned for more.