Vegeta has a lot of powers, including Ultra Instinct, and he is one of the most important warriors of Universe 7. Currently, Vegeta is up against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. Notably, Jiren is said to be the most powerful member in the tournament. But this doesn't mean Vegeta's defeat as the "Dragon Ball Super" makers have planned to make the Saiyan more powerful than ever. If spoilers and synopsis' are to be believed, Vegeta will unlock his new power against Jiren in upcoming episodes. A report by Comic Book presented a lot of the information used in this article.


The last battle

"Dragon Ball Super" is currently showing the Tournament of Power. The tournament is in its final stage, with only two universes remaining. They are U7 and U11. Even at this stage, it is difficult to say who will turn out to be a winner, though U7 is the favorite. One of the highlights of the final stage battles is between Vegeta and Jiren. Both are getting into intense battles. We have seen in Episode 122 both warriors fighting each other.

In Episode 122, Vegeta alongside Goku, fought against Jiren.

When Son Goku fought the Pride Tropper, fans noticed Vegeta closely analyzing his moves. The most exciting part of the episode was when Vegeta put up a decent fight against Jiren and punched him a couple of time, which was expected as the scene was earlier shown in the preview of the same episode. During the ending of the episode, we witnessed Vegeta almost kicked out of the arena by Jiren. Overall, it was an intense battle, where a lot is yet to come.

The new level of Ultra Instinct

Episode 126 of "Dragon Ball Super" is called “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Life-Risking Blow.” Judging the episode name, I would easily say that it will be a Vegeta-centric chapter.


Spoilers confirm that the Universe 7 warrior is about to become more powerful than Gods or a God of Destruction. The new secret power of the fighter is said to be "Blue Miggate form." Vegeta is expected to go all-out against Jiren in Episode 126 as he will risk his life. Vegeta is expected to show us the true power of his new form.

It is worth mentioning that Episode 123 will the one when Vegeta will unlock a new level of his Ultra Instinct. According to Okatukart, Vegeta unleashes all his KI and starts glowing all perfect blue.

The chapter is named “Full body! Spirit and Power unleashed! Goku and Vegeta!” and will air on January 13. It will feature Goku and Vegeta fighting Jiren. "Goku uses every trick up his sleeve, Jiren brushes it all aside. Goku fires Kienzan-like cluster bombs off in all directions, but this is also of little effect," reports Comic Book.