"Dragon Ball Super" continues in the best of its moments, since there are only two universes left in the competition, and one of them is the team led by Goku, who has the tough task to defeat Jiren and the warriors from Universe 11. They promise to be the toughest opponents in the whole history of this anime. A report by Otakukart provided a lot of the information used in this post.

As we remember, the last universe that got eliminated was the Universe 3, which cost the elimination of the Android No.

18 to Universe 7. There are only five warriors left who must ensure the survival of the Earth, however, everyone knows that Jiren's level is way above the rest, so this will be the best battle of all.


The next chapter

The preview of Chapter 122 shows Goku and Vegeta fighting against the warrior from the Universe 11 and there's one detail that caught everyone's attention. Despite Goku using the Super Saiyan Blue, along with the Kaio-Ken x20, it wasn't enough to do any harm to Jiren, while Vegeta only uses the blue form and we can see how he manages to punch him.

Even the Ultra Instinct only manages to punch Jiren, so it all indicates that the hard training [VIDEO] that Vegeta's been doing will be paying off. The Saiyan Prince spent more time exercising and also he stayed away, for a time, to dedicate himself to train. But what will the results be in this fight?

A new theory indicates that Trunks' dad could have unlocked a new level of the Super Saiyan Blue, which would give him more power at the moment of hitting the vigilante of the Universe 11 and having a stronger offensive than the one used by Gohan's father.


The new form

Unlike Goku with the "migatte no gokui," Vegeta will be able to dominate [VIDEO] a different form from this one. Some fans have stated that it's about an evolution of the Super Saiyan Blue transformation. This is interesting since Vegeta would take a different way than Goku's, although eventually, the Saiyan Prince could also gain the "migatte no gokui." But for now, in the Tournament of Power, the situation has forced him to develop a new form of the Super Saiyan God.

On the other hand, Jiren still hasn't released all of his power, therefore the difference in power is quite large. So we can't really know if Vegeta's new form will be able to defeat the most powerful warrior from the Universe 11.

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