The final battle of the Tournament of Power has begun. The three fights between the remaining universes 7 and 11 are becoming more intense as time slowly runs out. Son Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren, Son Gohan and Android 17 vs Toppo, and Frieza vs Dyspo are surely raising the bar of expectations that will make the two Zen-Os and the audiences gasp with pure excitement and admiration of the contestants in the arena.

Son Goku using tactics to throw Jiren out of the ring?

One of the unexpected things that madeDragon Ball Super” episode 123 is how Son Goku executed an excellent plan to knock Jiren out of the ring.

His plan began after Vegeta was defeated and was told by Jiren to sleep. Goku carefully planted small Ki blasts as like landmines in order to throw Jiren off balance. But as we already know, small tricks are not enough to bring down the strongest warrior of Universe 11 [VIDEO].


Jiren jumped high and assaulted Goku mid-air. But this was where his Destructo Discs came very useful; he was able to distract Jiren and made him fall off the stage.

Things became very intense when Son Goku nearly knocked Jiren off the arena. Jiren unleashed a small portion of his huge energy reserves to quickly turn the tide against the Saiyan warrior. He released an energy blast that sent terror down Son Goku’s spine.

Vegeta’s new form not enough to scratch Jiren?

As the Universe 11’s God of Destruction has mentioned, Jiren is finally showing a hint of his real power. However, while he blasted away Son Goku with a barrage of punches, the Saiyan warrior remained standing up, unlike in the first round of their fight. Goku may have been worn down because of the attack, but he quickly praised Jiren for his power, which the Prince of Saiyan confirmed.


The two then powered up to the limit to confront Jiren once again. Son Goku unleashed his Super Saiyan Blue with Kaio-ken and Vegeta [VIDEO] unleashed a new form which transcends Super Saiyan Blue. His new form was triggered by his promise to Cabba to revive Universe 6’s Saiyans. Jiren invited the pair to attack him using their strongest combination, but as usual, he was able to parry them. But Universe 11 also noted how the pair’s attacks have become sharper and more accurate.

The latest episode revealed Jiren’s major weakness: he cannot handle Son Goku’s and Vegeta’s improperly coordinated assault. According to the angel Whis, this is what’s throwing Jiren off. Some of the attacks thrown by the duo actually landed and hurt him a little bit.

Will the counterattack against Jiren actually pay off? Or will the Universe 11 warrior show his true potential?