The recent episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is here and many exciting things happened in the final moments of the Tournament of Power. Universe 7 with five warriors, led by Son Goku, Vegeta, Son Gohan [VIDEO], Android 17, and Frieza, and Universe 11 with three warriors led by Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo are finally clashing one another. Three distinct fights have erupted the moment Goku’s and Jiren’s second round bout begun.

Did Goku become stronger on his Super Saiyan Blue?

Son Goku was able to parry all of Jiren’s punches without him transforming to ultra instinct? If you remember on their first round, Goku cannot even follow Jiren’s movements and punches.

However, Goku can now laugh Jiren’s punches away and talk to him at the same time. Could it be that Goku became stronger without him knowing? His previous bouts against Kefla, Universe 2 warriors, and the titan mecha Aniraza may have slowly raised the bar of his powers. As we all know, Saiyans grow stronger after surviving death-defying fights.

Ultra Instinct Vegeta?

Things are turning out differently with Vegeta on the final moments of the Tournament of Power. After raising his powers to the limit using Super Saiyan Blue, Vegeta was able to see through Jiren’s high-speed punches by observing it from a safe distance. Just when he thought that he could beat Jiren, he joined the fight and landed some blows. The angel [VIDEO] Whis noted that Vegeta landing some blows on Jiren might be a sign that he is attempting to achieve Ultra Instinct.

But Jiren still seems to consider Vegeta below his standards. Jiren even taunted Vegeta that he cannot defeat him. After the Prince of Saiyans unleashed his Final Flash, we can see Jiren momentarily lying on the arena floor. However, when Vegeta took his eyes off and celebrated, Jiren instantly appeared in front of him and blasted the Prince of Saiyans with strong energy. Unfortunately, the pressure was too much for him to handle and he released his Super Saiyan Blue.

Gohan and Android 17 vs Toppo/Frieza vs Dyspo

While Son Goku and Vegeta are fighting Jiren, two other fights were also happening. Son Gohan and Android 17 are having a hard time bringing Toppo to submission. Their combined efforts may be not enough to beat Toppo. However, the fight has barely begun, and we may be able to see something interesting in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, Frieza is also facing the same predicament; he cannot even lay a single blow on Dyspo. Even though he was taunting the fastest warrior in Universe 11, Dyspo doesn’t seem to mind as he grabbed Frieza’s tail and smashed his face against a huge pile of rubble. Will Frieza finally show his full power and defeat the fastest warrior of Universe 11?