"Dragon Ball Super" is all set to warp up soon. The anime show's Tournament of Power is getting nearer to its end with each passing episode as only six minutes are left in it. Universe 11 and Universe 7 have been up against each other since Episode 122, to win the Tournament. The show released episode 124 ("The Fiercely Overwhelming Assault! Gohan's Last Stand!!") this past weekend as fans saw the elimination of Dyspo and Gohan. Notably, this seems to be the beginning of a series of eliminations, which will take place in upcoming episodes. Spoilers and synopsis' suggest the elimination of two Universe 7 warriors, Vegeta and Android 17. Both the fighters are fan-favorites. It is not confirmed, who will evict them - Toppo or Jiren and in which episode they will be eliminated but their defeat is apparently imminent.


Plot of upcoming episodes

We all know that only seven episodes are left in the Tournament of Power. A report on the internet has surfaced online with the plot of the upcoming episodes. The report suggests that the final battle of Tournament of Power will happen between Goku and Jiren. Here is the breakdown of the plots of the upcoming episodes.

  • Episode 125: Toppo eliminates Frieza. Goku loses his shirt.
  • Episode 126: Vegeta takes out God Of Destruction Toppo but mortally wounds/eliminates himself in the process thus triggering Goku's Ultra Instinct.
  • Episode 127: Goku prepares to eliminate Jiren with fully powered Ultra Instinct. Pride Trooper knows that a completed UI Goku leads him into trouble and goes to eliminate him mid-transformation. Android 17 steps in to protect Goku while he completes UI. He somehow protects Goku but is evicted in the process, leaving shirtless/completed Ultra Instinct Goku to fight fully clothed Jiren.
  • Episode 128 - 129: Final battle of Tournament Of Power begins between Jiren and Goku.
  • Episode 130: Goku wins and there's some GP/Zeno stuff.
  • Episode 132-133: "Dragon Ball Super" wrap up.

Chapter 125 explained

"Dragon Ball Super" will air Chapter 125 on January 28, it is named as "With Imposing Presence! God of Destruction Toppo Descends!!" As the title suggests, it will heavily focus on Toppo, the leader of Pride Trooper.


The Universe 11's warrior will be the new God Of Destruction and he will be up against Frieza and Android 17 in the same episode. GoD means a more powerful Toppo with the powers like Hakai energy and Belmond's Ki. Stay tuned for more.