"Dragon Ball Super" is getting more interesting with each passing minute as the Tournament of Power is now reaching its final stage. A new set of synopsis and spoilers suggest Vegeta is about to get even more powerful than the gods.

Universe 7 vs Universe 11

universe 7 and Universe 11 are the only teams left in the tournament. The anime show [VIDEO] delivered episode 122 on January 7 after a long break of two weeks. It was one of the most anticipated episodes of recent time as the best remaining warriors were preparing for the battle.

Chapter 122 was mostly focused on Vegeta/Goku and Jiren's battle. On the other hand, Dyspo fought Frieza and Gohan/Android 17 were up against Toppo. Currently, Jiren is dubbed as the most powerful warrior in the Tournament of Power.


Nothing decisive happened in this part of the anime TV series. Vegeta had tried his best to bring a tough challenge to Jiren. The U7 warrior succeeded to some extent as he punched Jiren a couple of times. Notably, Vegeta was seen observing Jiren's every move in this episode. At the end of the episode, Jiren almost pushed Vegeta out of the ring. On the other side, Frieza was frustrated by Dyspo with his speed.

Fans will witness Vegeta's whole new level of power in upcoming episodes especially in episode 126. It is titled as “Power that is even greater than the Gods. Vegeta’s life-risking blow.” According to Otakukart, Vegeta is going to surpass the God of Destruction level, just like Jiren. The title says, “Surpass Even a God! Vegeta’s Life-Risking Blow!” So will he be able to beat Jiren? For confirmation, we have to wait for the episode 126.


Earlier, it was rumored that Vegeta will be eliminated by Jiren, which now looks pretty unlikely, considering the new sets of spoilers.

New power

On January 13, Episode 123 of "Dragon Ball Super" will air. It is titled as "Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!! Judging by the title only, one can easily say it will have a lot of action. In this episode, Vegeta will unlock a new level of Ultra Instinct, which transcends even Super Saiyan Blue, reports Otakukart. The preview of the episode suggests the same. Fans might not see Goku/Vegeta vs Jiren after episode 123. Overall, it is going to be an intense episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" is a Japanese anime television series produced by Toei Animation that began airing on July 5, 2015, on Fuji TV. The show is the first Dragon Ball [VIDEO] television series featuring a new storyline in 18 years.