"Dragon Ball Super" is about to get more interesting. The anime show is bringing a new twist to the ongoing universe Survival arc. The spoilers and reports indicate a new warrior is joining Universe 11, which already has Jiren, Toppo and, Dyspo. The show released Episode 122 ("For One's Own Pride! Vegeta's Challenge to Be The Strongest!!") last weekend, and it has marked the beginning of the final stage of the tournament of Power.

Chapter 122 featured the battle between Universe 11 and Universe 7, the only two teams left in the tournament.

The episode was Vegeta and Jiren centric mostly but we also saw Dyspo battling against Frieza and Gohan and Android 17 took on Toppo. Talking about Jiren vs Vegeta, it was a thrilling fight and the Universe 7's warrior showed what he is capable of doing, by punching Jiren, the most powerful warrior in the tournament a few times.


Universe 11 will get more powerful

Coming back to the new member, Universe 7 is reported to suffer from betrayal by one of their members and that warrior will join Universe 11. The warrior is Frieza. According to spoilers by Ken Xyro, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 124 will feature Frieza's treason against Goku's team. During the fight with Dyspo, Frieza will try to convince him that he wants to join Universe 11 if the Pride Troopers promise to revive him using the Super Dragon Balls.

According to ComicBook, “While Goku and Vegeta battle Jiren, Frieza proposes something to his opponent Dyspo: "If Universe 11 wins, please use the Super Dragon Balls to resurrect me. Promise me that, and I'll have no problem cooperating with Universe 11," he says. Notably, at this point in time, Universe 7 is struggling and this is supposedly making Frieza join Universe 11.


It is worth noting that the warrior does not originally belong to Universe 7.

The reason behind treason

Going back, Son Goku urged Frieza to Join Universe 7 in the absence of Majin Buu and promised to bring him back to life by using Dragon Balls in return. The interesting fact is that Frieza had earlier betrayed Universe 6's, Frost. It will be interesting to see how Universe 7 copes with this incident as competition is getting fiercer with each passing episode.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 123 is titled as "Body and Soul, Full Power Release! Goku and Vegeta!!" and scheduled to air on January 13. The Chapter will focus on Vegeta and Goku vs Jiren. Fans will see a lot of action in this part of the show as its preview suggests. Stay tuned for more updates on anime shows.