"Dragon Ball Super" is currently featuring the Tournament of Power and only six minutes are left in it. The Tournament is in its final stage and will conclude at the ned f March. The previous episode 124 of the anime show aired recently. Notably, in the episode, the Grand Priest Daishinkan said something that might give a hint of another installment of the Tournament. Chapter 124 is featured the elimination of Dyspo and Gohan. Since the beginning of the final stage of the Tournament, it was the first eviction of the warriors.

The hint

The episode began with Goku and Vegeta fighting against Jiren they were putting their full effort into it. As that battle continued, Episode 124 of "Dragon Ball Super" shifted to the fight between Dyspo and Frieza.


Dyspo was taking full advantage of his speed. Meanwhile, Frieza faked an injury during the battle. Frieza talked to Dyspo regarding joining Universe 11 but the Pride Trooper denied him. Soon, Gohan entered the scene as he made a plan to slowed down Dyspo by asking Frieza to create a laser-like prison. Later, Gohan grabbed Dyspo to setup Frieza for his final attack. And this happened, as Frieza used his Ki blast, which eliminated Dyspo as well as Gohan. Notably, as mentioned earlier, Dyspo was incredibly fast, which made the Zenos use the special feature of their Godpads to see the action in slow motion mode.

The Gods then complained to the Grand Priest Daishinkan regarding the incident as they were having trouble viewing the fight even with the special devices.


Daishinkan then answered that next time they will make a special arrangement, which will allow them to watch even the extremely fast action. This has given us a huge hint that a Season 2 of the Tournament might happen.

"Dragon Ball Super" will return with Episode 125 on January 28. It will focus on Toppo as he will be the new God of Destruction.The makers have recently released the new schedule of the upcoming chapters. Here are the new release dates, confirming only seven episodes are left in the anime TV series.

The future episodes with the dates

DBS Chapter 125, Air date January 28

DBS Chapter 126, Air date February 4

DBS Chapter 127, Air date February 11

DBS Chapter 128, Air date February 18

DBS Chapter 129, Air date March 4

DBS Chapter 130, Air date March 18

DBS Chapter 131, Air date March 25

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