Toppo is one of the most powerful warriors of the ongoing Universal Survival arc's Tournament Of Power. The leader of Pride Troopers will soon be in action against Universe 7. The battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11 will begin in the final stage of the tournament, which will start in episode 122 of the "Dragon Ball Super," scheduled to air on January 7. It is worth mentioning that there's only 7-minutes left in the tournament.

The hype is mostly about Jiren and Goku/Vegeta's fight, but one can not simply ignore Toppo in the upcoming episodes.

The warrior will battle Gohan and Android 17 in the upcoming episode and will be in his full action in episode 125. Chapter 125 [VIDEO] of "Dragon Ball Super" is titled "Advent of the God Of Destruction, Toppo! There is only overwhelming power!!" Fans can understand a lot by the title of the episode itself.


It will focus on Gohan and Toppo's battle, which is expected to be decisive for both the warriors.

Two new powers

The fans will witness something surprising about Toppo in the upcoming episodes. The leader of Universe 11 is expected to be the new God Of Destruction of its team. He will replace Belmod, which will ultimately give him the access to two new powers, KI and Hakai Energy [VIDEO]. It means Universe 7 will face huge trouble against Toppo in the final stage of the Tournament Of Power. So, can Toppo eliminate Gohan in episode 125? We have to wait to see because anything can happen in this battle between two of the strongest warriors. Overall, by getting two new powers, Toppo will surely have an upper hand over his opponent.

Android 17's end?

In the upcoming episode 122, viewers will see Toppo fighting Gohan and 17.


The rumors and spoilers have some bad news for the U7 fans. According to ComicBook, the latest synopsis confirms Android 17 will restrain Toppo with his body so that Gohan can eliminate them both, but the Saiyan will hesitate a moment too long. It means Android 17 will be in huge trouble and could be eliminated in episode 123, as per the speculations. In the summaries and titles for the upcoming chapters, notably, 17 is not mentioned. There are speculations that he will be the first victim in the final battle between Universe 7 and Universe 11.

Chapter 123 of "Dragon Ball Super" will be release on January 13. It will feature a number of battles, which will surely decide the fates of both Universes. Fans have to wait a bit more for the intense battles. Stay tuned for more entertainment and anime updates.